class descriptions

the nitty gritty of what our classes are about

gerri's classes

Dogs are introduced to the equipment and learn short sequences.

Dogs continue their understanding on how to do the equipment along with working longer sequences.

Expanding on what was learnt in Intermediate 1.

Progressing up to short courses and furthering the dog’s understanding of the equipment.

Learning the basic crosses needed to move the dog around a course.

Working on courses using the basic handling maneuvers.

christina's classes

Meant for those teams competing at the higher levels who want to expand their knowledge of the more refined aspects of agility handling. Teams run on Masters & International style courses using maneuvers from the various popular handling systems.

Meant for those just starting to compete or are already competing at the lower levels. Emphasis is on learning proper handling techniques & options on where to use them.

Teams work on Advanced to Masters levels mini & main gambles learning the best way to handle particular sequences from a distance along with learning the whys & hows of what works and what doesn’t.

Designed for teams planning on competing at either the AB/NWT Regionals or AAC Nationals. Teams work on course sequences that they will see at those competitions along with learning the methodology of being successful at either competition.

Teams will be drilling the common patterns, crosses, & sequences that dogs see regularly throughout their careers along with specific skills that are needed to be successful regardless of level. Common patterns being pinwheels, serpentines, threadles, 180s, 270s, push backs, pull throughs, offsets, offside tunnels, etc. 

Meant for dogs that need extra proofing on the 3 contacts and weaves beyond what their regular class gives them. Focus is on trying to get the dog to be independent of the handler on those 4 pieces of equipment.

Meant for teams that are just starting out and need to either learn or relearn the basic handling maneuvers along with learning the proper place to use them when out on course. Great for those who are missing the building blocks of handling they might not have learnt from other classes.

Meant for dogs needing to learn the basic skills necessary to work away from their handlers. This class is designed for beginner dogs & competing “velcro” dogs. All of the fundamentals are learnt with either no  or minimal equipment .

Handlers learn all the ins & outs of AAC’s two strategic games, Snooker & Gamblers along with learning & practicing the techniques necesary to achieve optimum points in both games.